Ballet BC Dance Photos

Ballet BC performs "Aniel" at Jacob's Pillow Dance

Ballet BC in “Aniel” in the Ted Shawn Theatre


As everybody knows, it’s super hot out right now. The Ted Shawn Theatre is an old barn and you can feel the heat –  for us to ask Ballet BC to do the entire show as dress rehearsal, just a few hours before opening night would have been rough. So they performed just one piece for us.


We specifically asked for “Aniel,” the dance in the brightly-colored costumes, choreographed by Artistic Director Emily Molnar. They’re incredible, beautiful dancers, just hitting the mark so effortlessly. It was a joy to watch them.

Tere O’Connor Dance Photos

Tere O’Connor gave us selected moments of “Cover Boy” in a photo call with his dance company. They had already done an entire run-through so they just did select things in costume.

Tere O'Connor at Jacob's Pillow Dance

Tere O’Connor’s “Cover Boy”


The most interesting thing for me was the set that was hanging from the ceiling, but I still haven’t seen the full show. I was just looking for some moments that they showed me, outside of the context of a full dance.

Outdoor Dance Photos on Inside/Out

Dances For Variable Population at Jacob's Pillow

Dances For Variable Population


You all know by now that Inside/Out is my absolute favorite place to photograph dancers. The Pillow’s outdoor stage is magical. The trees, the mountains, the sky. Everything is perfect – as long as the weather cooperates!

Tina Croll at Jacob's Pillow Dance

Watching Tina Croll’s company on Inside/Out


The festival has already reached the halfway point, so I wanted to share some of my favorites from Inside/Out so far. Click through the gallery below for more!

Peridance at Jacob's Pillow Dance

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