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Wedding Albums & Heirlooms

Wedding Albums & Heirlooms by Christopher Duggan Photography


Preserving the magic of your wedding day extends beyond the celebration itself; it’s about creating a timeless heirloom that encapsulates the essence of your love story.

Imagine years down the line, your grandchildren stumbling upon a box in the attic, only to unveil the treasure trove of memories within – your wedding album.

As you delicately flip through its pages, every moment comes rushing back, and your grandchildren, wide-eyed, inquire about the characters in this cherished narrative. The laughter, the tears, the dancing – it all becomes a living legacy, connecting generations through shared stories.

Your wedding album is more than a collection of photos; it’s a gateway to the past, a testament to enduring love, and a vessel for passing down the vibrant tapestry of your family’s history. So, in those quiet moments with your album in hand, you continue to weave the threads of your family’s narrative, ensuring that the stories live on and resonate through time.

Your wedding photos take on new meaning as the years go by, and having them printed in an album allows these stories to stay at your fingertips.

In the past, I believed that delivering all of the digital files was the ultimate package for my wedding clients. However, I’ve come to realize the significant additional value of transforming these digital treasures into a physical heirloom album.

Conversations with my previous clients reveal that a substantial number haven’t taken any action with their digital files. They express feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of photos and the difficulty of selecting from the multitude of cherished moments.

The intention was to simplify their lives, but in reality, by delivering only digital files, I inadvertently left them with a task that often goes undone due to their busy schedules.

Choosing an heirloom album not only provides a timeless keepsake but also eliminates the extra work for you!




Wedding Albums & Heirlooms by Christopher Duggan Photography
Why You Should Order A Wedding Album. Photos by Christopher Duggan

Our Wedding Heirloom Design Process

Why You Should Order A Wedding Album. Photos by Christopher Duggan
Why You Should Order A Wedding Album. Photos by Christopher Duggan

Step 1. Pre-Consult Call

Our in-house designer will contact you to discuss your album design process, explore available upgrades and add-ons, and address any questions you may have during your pre-consult call before the big reveal!

Step 2. Save The Date

Picture this: You enter your wedding day with the assurance of a set date for receiving your final images! Prior to your big day, following the pre-consult call, you’ll arrange your reveal appointment with our in-house design team.

Step 3. The Big Reveal

Turn it into a date night! Cuddle up with your favorite drinks and enjoy a custom slideshow that captures the essence of your wedding day. After viewing your final images, our designer will pre-design your album. By collaborating during the session, we can efficiently make adjustments, exclude less preferred images, and tailor the design to your liking—eliminating the need for lengthy email exchanges. You can also use the reveal to add extra Heirlooms like parent albums or wall art for your home!

Step 4. Cherish Your Photos

Right after your reveal, we’ll provide you with an online gallery featuring all your images. Simultaneously, with the approved album design, we’ll send it off to the printers. This ensures that your wedding album and wall art will be in your hands and ready to hang within just 2–4 weeks of saying “I do”!

Why Invest In The Process?

You Won't Make It Yourself.

Most online albums designs that get started (approximately 80% of them) never get finished or printed or enjoyed.
It’s no wonder, really. I will make for you hundreds and hundreds of wedding photos, and you’ll love every one of them.
It’s just too hard to make decisions about what to include in your album. When do you and your partner have time in your busy lives to sit down and go through every single photo to pick your most favorite?
It’s much easier to leave that job to us – curating the most heartfelt images of the day in a first draft of your album, so you don’t have to start from a blank canvas.

It's An Investment That Increases In Value Over Time.

I don’t know what my parents invested in their wedding album in 1964, but I would pay 100x that now.

According to WeddingWire, “On average, couples underestimate their wedding ceremony and reception budget by nearly 45%. While this may come as a surprise, 1 in 3 couples acknowledge that their initial budget is not always the most realistic and more of a starting-point.” A wedding album might not even be on your list yet, because you’re still thinking about catering and cake and extra seats at the venue…

But a wedding album is arguably the most important investment you’ll make in the day – one of the only wedding-related purchases you make that becomes more valuable to you and your family over time.

Your children and grandchildren will not experience your wedding.  But, they can experience your wedding album and share those experiences with you.
There are some creative ways to budget for a wedding album or even add it to your registry. Why not make a Zola cash fund for your album?

Cost Is A Reflection Of Quality.

You can find a service online that produces wedding albums at a lower cost. No question.
But these albums are a much lower quality product than what you can make with us. They’re much more likely to fall apart at the binding or lose color quality over time. The color and paper quality aren’t as crisp and consistent. The cover less elegant.
Online printers are geared towards the consumer printing with low-quality files.  So they will run your photos through an algorithm to “enhance” the image, but this only flattens and changes the high-quality image files that I create for you. My album maker works with each image file to pull the most out of each photo for the best photo experience.
We print our wedding albums with Italian maker GraphiStudio, which combines contemporary digital printing techniques with handmade-in-Italy binding, creating an album that lasts 100 years or more.
Are you going to spend hundreds of dollars on your wedding cake and then serve it on paper plates? I chose the cheapest option for my own wedding album – cheap cover, cheap pages, and the photos were not color-corrected. (Ugh!) I love the album, but now it’s falling apart, and I totally regret it.

Scrolling Through Just Isn't The Same.

How often will you look back at that folder of photos, on your computer? Will you celebrate your anniversary by sitting in front of the computer, looking at  File #1, File #2, File #3…?
I thought so…
The web is accessible, but the album is alive, living in your home. Holding an album in your hand is a shared experience. The memories become tangible. The experience is communal. And you make stronger and more meaningful connections as you tell stories to the person you’re looking at it with.
Your wedding album is a piece of art, living in your home. Art inspires. It’s a part of your experience every day.
Your children will love holding the album in their hands knowing that it was held in your hands and they will pass it to their children next.

“My husband and I LOOOOOOVE our album! I look at it at least once a day. Everyone who comes over loves it too, and it’s not because I make them; they ask to see it!! This past weekend, my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and 17-month-old niece were visiting. My niece kept demanding to see it over and over again. It was adorable! It’s already become so precious to me, and I can’t wait to share it with our loved ones and future children as the years go by. Our wedding day really and truly was the happiest, most joyful day of our lives, and every time I look at our album, I’m transported back to it.”

— Diana, Bride

Let’s get started on your family treasure!

Wedding Albums & Heirlooms by Christopher Duggan Photography

Wedding Albums

Our custom wedding album process takes the heartache out of curating your favorite photos and ensures you’ll have an heirloom that lasts generations.

Art Prints

Decorate your home with some of your favorite family memories! We can create canvas or framed art prints at any size.

Wedding Albums & Heirlooms by Christopher Duggan Photography

80% of consumer album designs that are started online never get finished.

This statistic just kills me.

When you work with us to create a custom album, we make your job as easy as possible. We design the first draft to include what we believe are the most touching and important images that tell the story of your day. The first round of curating is always the hardest – that’s why we take care of it for you.

We’ll then plan a design session with you. We’ll walk through the next round together and discuss how to further whittle it down.

And we’ll keep you on a schedule so it’s in your hands in as little as 6 months after the wedding.

Don’t be part of that 80%. Let’s talk about it.