Here are the answers to some of our wedding clients’ most frequently asked questions:

Chesterwood Museum Wedding Photos by Christopher Duggan


A quiet moment, just the two of them, soaking in the joy of the day.


Curious about what to expect when choosing Christopher Duggan Photography for photography or videography?

Explore our FAQs to find answers and insights regarding the process of hiring a professional for your engagement, wedding, family, or dance photography needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we book with you?

1. You love my photos. You wouldn’t have reached this point unless you had formed a profound connection with the images on my website—creative portraits and candid moments captured authentically, genuinely, and realistically, brimming with emotion and energy.

2. Equally, if not more important, you value an easy, flowing experience. Genuine reviews from couples online overflow with words like relaxed, calm, easy, fun, and authentic. You want everything from today through receiving your wedding album to be joyous, kind, professional, and effortless.

3. You desire an exciting and turn-key album process. Within weeks of your wedding, you’ll have a live Zoom meeting with my design team. We’ll wow you with a slideshow, album design, and on-the-fly design changes, ensuring your album is complete by the end of that evening and in your hands just weeks later. This unique experience is something you can’t find anywhere else.


Do you have other photographers that I can choose for my wedding?

Yes! You can work with Christopher, or you can work with one of the Lead Photographers on his Creative Team

You photograph dance in addition to weddings?

For the past 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the foremost dancers from NYCB, ABT, Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, the Vail Dance Festival, and the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, among countless others. My dance photos are frequently featured in prominent publications such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Dance Magazine, and virtually every other dance-related publication.

I’ve also had the honor of hosting exhibitions at prestigious venues like the National Museum of Dance, Jacob’s Pillow, and Dance New Amsterdam. Notably, one of my photos is on display at the Museum of African American Heritage in Washington, DC.

Regularly capturing live performances, in-process creations, and collaborative portraits with dancers from every discipline is more than just a passion for me.

So, why is this compelling for my wedding clients?

Being immersed in creating dance images injects my wedding work with kinetic energy, split-second timing, dynamic moment capture, and mastery of utilizing available light. Just wait until you witness the captivating photos I capture on the dance floor at your wedding!

Collaborating with dancers and choreographers not only sparks my own creativity but also presents challenges that refine and enhance the skills I bring to every wedding client.

Regardless of whether you’re a dance enthusiast or not, you benefit from my unique perspective, extensive experience, and artistic flair. It’s an invaluable touch that sets my work apart and offers something truly distinctive that you won’t find anywhere else.

Browse through our dance photography on our blog >

Why should we get a wedding album?

Picture this – many years from now, sitting on the couch with your grandchildren, holding your album in your hands, and sharing the cherished memories of your wedding day. Narrating stories about your family and the emotions you shared together, turning the pages of your album encourages you to pause and relive those heartfelt moments. As photographers, it’s our duty to provide you with a means to preserve your story and share those memories for generations. It’s our job to WOW you with spectacular photographs.

The album itself is a masterpiece. Your photographs are printed on high-quality archival photographic papers crafted to reveal the depth and richness of each image. Our albums are constructed with all archival materials and are rated to maintain their quality for 100 years and more – truly becoming your lasting legacy!

What is the 1:1 "Reveal" Design Appointment?

This exclusive opportunity is reserved for our wedding clients who have an album in their collection or have pre-purchased one.

After your wedding and honeymoon, anticipate one more unforgettable event – your album reveal and design appointment!

Approximately four weeks after your wedding, you’ll meet one-on-one virtually with our design team to witness your wedding photos come to life. The experience kicks off with an exhilarating slideshow set to music, evoking laughter and tears as the rush of emotions and memories from your wedding day floods back. We will meticulously go through the album design, page by page, created for you using the BEST photos.

During the meeting, on the fly, you’ll collaborate with our team to make changes, add or remove pages, and finalize your design for printing.

Additionally, we’ll provide ideas on displaying your photos in your home and maximizing the impact of your favorite images.

This is an unparalleled experience that you simply can’t find anywhere else!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes! An engagement session captures the sweet feelings you share for each other in this unique time in your relationship. I think this is so important and so valuable that I encourage every couple to do an engagement session.

Do you offer videography?

Yes, we have been providing wedding videography since 2012! I have always aspired to offer something of exceptionally high quality to complement my photography, and when I assembled the right team at the right time, it all fell into place. If you’re considering a wedding video, it’s essential to create a truly exceptional one—otherwise, you would be investing your money without experiencing its full value.

Can you help us create a wedding day timeline?

Certainly! As soon as you require a rough outline for hair and makeup planning, I will provide you with my suggestions. Your planner and venue may also contribute ideas for the broader timeline, and I will collaborate with them as well.

Drawing from my extensive experience in weddings, I possess a keen sense of understanding how much time is necessary based on your priorities. I assist in creating a timeline that is both relaxed and efficient, ensuring we capture all the photos you desire without wasting time on unnecessary elements.

Why do photographers call their services an "investment"?

I used to think using the term “investment” was pretentious. But now I get it.

Your photographs from your wedding will only increase in value over time.

Think about it, photographs from your grandparents’ wedding from many years ago… how much would they be worth to you now? Or think about your future grandchildren and great-grandchildren. What would you pay now for incredible photographs that tell your story the way you want it to be told? What would that be worth in 100 years?

How many weddings have you photographed?

I lost count a couple of years ago, but my best estimate is that I am approaching 1,000 weddings to date! I have traveled to various locations in the United States for weddings, including the West Coast, Texas, and numerous destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean. Notably, I documented a two-day wedding in Lagos, Nigeria, which was quite an unforgettable experience!

Can we see an example of a full wedding collection delivery?

Yes, I am happy to share full gallery links with you! I think it’s valuable to see what I can do for you throughout your entire wedding day. Browsing through my full galleries will show you there are no weak spots in our coverage.

When do we get to see our photos?!

We understand your excitement, and we can’t wait to share the joy with you!! Within just a few days of the wedding, we will send a “sneak peek” – a handful of breathtaking photos for you to share with your loved ones and on social media.

It takes approximately four weeks for us to artistically master all of your selected photos, totaling 700+. If you’ve opted for a wedding album, around the four-week mark, you’ll have your reveal evening!

Will our photos be retouched?

Every individual photo (more than 700) undergoes light retouching for color, composition, and overall quality, ensuring a clean and consistent appearance similar to the examples showcased on my website. Each photo will be prepared for immediate inclusion in your album. If additional touch-ups are required, we are more than happy to accommodate (within reasonable limits) for all the photos you choose for your album.

How many photos will we get?

It depends on a few things. But, generally when it’s me plus a second photographer from my team for a full wedding day, you can expect about 800 fantastic pictures.

Do you offer family photography sessions?

Absolutely! I have many wedding clients who have turned to me as their family photographer, and I have been doing family portraits with them for years. I love photographing family portraits!

Where can we find reviews from your previous clients?

Yes! We have tons of heartfelt testimonials on our Zola & WeddingWire pages that I encourage you to check out. You can hear from a few clients in this video, too:

What are the top photos you capture at every wedding?

The top photos to get at your wedding are the top photos that are important for YOU. The best way for me to find this out is by asking lots of questions, learning about you, and finding out what’s most important.

Can we give you a "must-take" shot list?

I do encourage clients to think about some special details and make a list of those. We’ll speak together to discover some of those special details. I would allow a handful of “must-take photos.” But, handing me a long list of photos that you’ve copied from an online source only stops me from making in-the-moment, candid images that you’ve been wanting me to make for you. I don’t want to have my nose in paperwork all day; years of experience have shown that the best use of my time is to have me focused on what’s happening!

Do you charge for travel?

I am based both in New York City and in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Generally, I travel up to two hours from either base with no travel charges. If you want to take me further than that, I’m happy to go anywhere, and I’ll give you specifics when we speak.

We're camera shy. can you help with direction?

Certainly. I excel in establishing a comfortable environment, ensuring you feel relaxed and at ease throughout our interaction. I maintain a smooth flow, offering compliments to uplift your spirits. My aim is to help you feel positive, supported, and confident by providing helpful suggestions.

Do you have insurance? My venue needs your COI.

Yes, I have all necessary insurances and providing a Certificate Of Insurance is a regular part of the planning process.

When should we book you for our wedding?

I suggest booking with me as soon as possible for you to be sure that I’m available for your wedding date!

How many weddings do you do per year?

Christopher Duggan Photography captures upwards of 37 weddings per year.

Do you offer flexible payment options?

Yes. Generally, a deposit of $1,500 is expected at booking to confirm your date and hold me for the wedding. Then the balance is paid 2 weeks before the wedding. Other payment options are available as well—just ask me!

Do you shoot in B&W? What about Film?

I shoot all in digital. All images are captured in color but oftentimes there are images that we feel black and white is the best version. In that case, we will create black and white photographs for you. I do not shoot film.

In case of emergency, who will photograph our wedding?

First of all, in my entire photography career, I have never missed a single event and I have never been late.

Unless God forbid, a disaster happens on the way to your wedding, we will get you covered. First, I have my Creative Team, who work with me all the time and are at the ready to stand in if need be.

Second, I have an extensive network of the best professional wedding photographers in New York City and beyond who would, at the drop of a hat, help me as I would for them if they were in my shoes.

Do you have a backup system for my photos?

Short answer: Yes! Absolutely!

Long answer: My file backup system is extensive and secure. Each of my cameras have two memory card slots, so two copies of each photo we make together are created immediately.

The memory card in Slot #2 is saved for several weeks before reformatting.  The card in Slot #1 is downloaded immediately after your wedding. All of the files are reviewed by me before going to bed on your wedding night and backed up to another separate hard drive.

Then, a slow data drip immediately begins to my cloud backup system. It takes a day or so for all of your files to arrive safely to the cloud.

Do you bring backup equipment?

I do bring backup equipment with me to every wedding. I use two cameras at a time while shooting, and have another camera ready if need be. I also insist my Creative Team has at least two cameras with them as well!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use all Nikon cameras and have been a Nikon photographer ever since I first began.

Do you have a watermark on the photos we get?

No. The photographs that I deliver to you do not have my watermark or logo on them.

Who owns the photos?

Ownership implies copyright which is a legal term. I maintain ownership however I grant you unlimited permission to use the photos and enjoy them any way you wish, including making your own prints, posting them online, and sharing them with friends.

Is it OK if other people take photos while you are photographing?

Yes. Everyone will be making fun videos and photos all day long, and I welcome it!