Fall Engagement Photo Inspiration

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This Fall, I have had several fun engagement sessions with couples whose weddings I’m photographing next year.

Esther & Yoni; Fall Engagement Sessions; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography

With Esther & Yoni, we made engagement photos at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, an iconic location.

If you’re a New Yorker, engagement photos in Central Park just make sense! 

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Esther & Yoni. When I delivered their engagement portraits, I received the sweetest thank you from Esther’s father almost immediately. Warms my heart!

Caroline & Matt; Fall Engagement Sessions; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography
Caroline & Matt; Fall Engagement Sessions; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography


It was gorgeous out. We were able to make portraits in several locations that were meaningful to Caroline & Matt, and I’m so glad!

I really loved learning about the traits they love about each other and capturing them in moments of pure happiness.

Julia & John Ryan asked to make engagement portraits at Rockland Industrial Art Brewing Company in Garnerville, NY.

It was my first time photographing there, so I was excited to scout locations! 

Julia & John Ryan; Fall Engagement Sessions; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography
Julia & John Ryan; Fall Engagement Sessions; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography

The textures of the brewery inspired me to make portraits with Julia & John Ryan in front of the older brick parts of the building. It’s a nice change up for me to photograph couples in more of an industrial setting – I’m very much used to photographing in nature like in the Berkshires or in a city park.

I really enjoyed that John Ryan wore bright-colored pants. It’s typical for my clients to wear neutral clothing for their engagement photography, so it was a really fun change-up to see a pop of color. = )

Jess & Joe were excited to make engagement photos together in Astoria Park.

It was a classic fall day, and it was so special to see how much they care about each other. The love they have for each other is so clear in the photos we made!

I met up with Margot & Ryan in Central Park toward the end of October, and I love the engagement portraits we were able to create together.

As we made portraits together, we became more and more comfortable with each other. It was really special to watch them interact and hear how much they love one another. Their warmth radiates through each and every photo we made together. = )

Another new location for me was for Lauren & Josh’s engagement session. 

We met at Greenwich Point Park in Connecticut at a spot called “Tod’s Point,” which is essentially a beach & recreation facility in Old Greenwich, CT. It’s a pretty historic place, so I was eager to learn more about it and make photos there.

Engagement sessions add so much value for each wedding client for a few reasons.  This is one of the sweetest times in a couples’ relationship, capturing the feelings they share with each other for them to have forever is a gift they will cherish.  There are few times in life what you hire a professional photographer, why not take full advantage?  After spending an hour or more making pictures with me couples look at each other and say, “Wow! That was so fun. That was so easy. You made it so much easier than we ever thought.” This creates a comfort zone that sets us up for the wedding day.  Not just for the three of us, but for their families and friends, too.

Making engagement photos with all of these couples really warmed my heart and reinforced for me why I feel so lucky I get to do this kind of work: I get to be part of something really special, and it’s a really sweet time in their lives! ❤️

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