Why You Should Have An Engagement Session Before Your Wedding Day

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Engagement, Wedding Insights

Everyone has heard about them, but what is an engagement session? And why should you consider having one?

Almost all of the couples who choose me for their wedding photography ask me about doing an engagement session, too. My engagement shoots are fun and low-key. I like to create a relaxed environment where you can be yourself and look your natural best. We make lots of casual photos of the two of you together and usually separate, too.

If you find yourself questioning whether you should do an engagement session, keep reading! There are many reasons why you should do one. (Hint: An engagement session can actually add value to your wedding day!)

The engagement stage is unlike any other time in your relationship.

You’re not just dating anymore, but you’re not married yet. There’s a real sweetness to it, unlike any other time in your lives together. Why not take advantage of this by capturing it with professional photographs?

You’re young, you’re beautiful, you’re at the dawn of a lifetime together. Everything in these moments is about starting your life together, dreaming of the future and all the good things to come.

You’ll have the opportunity to get to know me as your wedding photographer.

This eliminates any sense of surprise for your wedding day. You will get to know how I like to work – how I create, what my flow is like. I get to see the two of you together and you get to see me in action. This also establishes trust. It allows us to create a comfort zone so you can, again, relax and look your natural best!

There are too many other (more important) things that will be on your mind on your wedding day. The last thing I want is for you to be wondering “how are the photos going to go?”

Because we have already worked together during your engagement session, you won’t have to worry. Instead, you’ll feel confident that you can put it all in my hands and simply trust me to do my work for you.


Choose a location that is meaningful to you and your partner or a spot that gives contrast to your wedding venue.

It’s romantic to revisit the location where the proposal happened or a particular spot at your favorite park in your neighborhood. A city engagement session is fun if you’re having a country wedding in the Berkshires. Engagement sessions usually last a little longer than an hour so we are able to explore beyond the location we started in.

Some couples even choose to do an outfit change, which can add more variety to the portraits. I personally suggest that you come as empty handed as possible so we can move from spot to spot easily. I work very quickly and I like to keep things moving.

Everyone at your wedding will already have a good feeling about me as your photographer.

Within a few weeks of making your engagement photos, I’ll send you the portraits via online gallery for you to share with your family and friends. When they all see the photos this begins THEIR trust in me, too.

I have arrived at countless weddings to be welcomed by the wedding party with “oh my gosh, I love those engagement photos!!”  I’ve also had mother’s of the bride/groom grab my elbow and tell me “those are the BEST photos of my son/daughter.”

This adds so much value to your wedding photos and really sets us up for success.

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