Meet Christopher Duggan: What’s Your Superpower?

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I love this question!

For starters, I am an expert at finding street parking in Manhattan and parallel parking in New York City.

When it comes to weddings, I have a keen sense of knowing when to step in and make things happen, and knowing when to step back to allow things to happen. It’s a real sensitivity I’ve developed over the years.

I work with a really great efficiency.

And at the same time, I work with a calm demeanor, and with kindness – I always have a smile on my face.

Efficiency on a wedding day is super important because the day goes by SO FAST. For me, this means a combination of planning and utilizing the location in multiple different ways.

Prior to the wedding day, my team and I plan all of the portraits the couple wants to do in advance so we’re not wasting time doing things they’re not interested in doing.

Then, when the wedding day arrives, I make sure to make use of the location in multiple different ways so we’re able to capture the light well, get a wide shot, a tight shot, a couple shot, a single shot… the list goes on!


Efficiency and my sensibility are two of my real big superpowers. = ) 

“In the last two years Christopher has photographed three of our family weddings and there is a reason for that; he is simply the best. He is calm and patient and kind; he feels more like a dear friend then a vendor. Wedding days are crazy and intense, yet having Christopher there makes that element of the day a complete breeze. Our family is big and I had A LOT of photos I wanted taken, including ones with small children and babies. Christopher got them all done so quickly and efficiently I was blown away. And the photos are STUNNING. Truly. I cannot recommend Christopher and his team highly enough; do yourself a favor and book him!!”


– Diana, married in 2018 at Le Chateau

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